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Bot lifecycle and events

Learn more about the lifecycle of a bot - and its events - to better understand how bots work.


Bots have a cycle of events that occur daily and other events that are triggered by activity. Below is a list of the events:

When... Event(s) Notes
the market opens daily wake Generally used to load data and/or calculate signals.
the market is open, the wake event is done and all requested data has loaded scan and/or monitor are triggered repeatedly scan is triggered if the number of open opportunities is less than the strategy's opportunity limit.

monitor is triggered if the bot has an open opportunity.
Triggered by activity
$bot.reload() is called load Used to reload data and/or recalculate signals.
the bot opens a new opportunity open Can be used to leg into opportunities, reload data, etc.
the bot closes an opportunity close "
the bot has an error error $bot.message has the error message.
the bot is paused pause $bot.message has the pause message.