Trade Smarter with Automation


Welcome to Alta5! Get familiar with Alta5's APIs and features:

Intro to Alta5

Learn the basics of bot trading with Alta5.

Testing your code

Explore our APIs, try sample code, inspect data, and more in the Alta5 Console. Click the icon in the top navigation menu of the Alta5 web application to give it a try.


Using the $data API

Learn how to load data using the Alta5 $data API.

Bot control panelsNew

Learn how to build a custom control panel for your bot.

Interactions & promptsNew

Learn how to interact with your bot.

Capital & risk controls

Learn about draw, capital and other risk controls.

Managing opportunities

Learn how to use opportunities to manage stock, option and spread positions.

Charts & indicators

Create bots that perform technical analysis using charts and indicators.

Math & decimal numbers

APIs for working with decimal numbers and generating statistics.

Date utilities

APIs and shortcuts for working with dates.


Tasty Condor

Build a bot to collect monthly premium trading Iron Condor spreads on SPY.


Build a bot that buys a stock and automatically sells/rolls monthly covered calls to reduce cost basis.

Opportunity docs


Manages long or short equity positions.

Call option

Manages long or short call option positions.

Put option

Manages long or short put option positions.

Bear call spread

Manages bear call spread positions.

Bull put spread

Manages bull put option positions.

Iron condorNew

Manages iron condor spreads.